The Hopi Elders Speak to Us

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  1. transverse Traveler. Says:

    I have the road that leads to the otherside. I see the ones that have passed before the open doorway. I see the world as the world sees itself in the form of the wolf. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to seek forgiveness for this world but, this one will tell you that others are evading me. I cannot have temptation tell me that living has made me unstoppable but, I can see others as they are compared to the reapers that have taken away our people. Tell everyone that I have stolen this body and that I will reach as many people as I can to tell them that justice will prevail. this is the land that was sent here for the people of the first world and when others have taken control we will loose this forever. I am telepathic and I will raise the thoughts of everyone in the universe.I can only hope that I can reach the ones that have already started their journey.

  2. shamaniqueone Says:

    yes, and then we will need nothing else, it will all be before us in abundant supply…

    the true value lies within.

    love to you sister,

    ing :)

  3. Gila B. Varis Says:

    “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Everything we need is within us.
    When we access our inner selves, we become our own leaders.


  4. James Strauss Says:

    There has never been a time of the Lone Wolf. Not for the human species, anyway. We are social animals and our vast success across this planet has been because of this sociability. But I do not want to argue with the Hopi. I like the native peoples and the philosophies they expound upon. And I much enjoy the manner in which Ingrid presents them in her blog. We are not all together these days. There are many humans who have grown to feel superior to other humans. This has always been. The
    Divine Right of Kings is all about that. The Divine Right of the Wealthy might be a more accurate description of such behavior in modern times. We are indeed living in most interesting times.

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